A large number of web sites contain information about thyroid physiology and thyroid disease. As is the case for most health issues on the internet, many of the sites contain accurate information, and many do not. The health care consumer should discuss the source and validity of any internet-derived medical and thyroid-related information with their physician before making any decisions that impact on the management of their thyroid disease. The use of clinically relevant scientific evidence derived from clinical trials to support treatment recommendations is strongly encouraged. Although anecdotal information may occasionally also be helpful, it is generally not as valuable as data derived from large randomized clinical studies.Where does one find the results of scientific and medical studies? A good place to start is the search engine for scientific publications run by the National Library of Medicine, PubMed.

The Endocrine Society: A professional society with membership open to physicians and scientists interested in the endocrine system and in endocrine diseases. The Hormone Foundation affiliated with the Endocrine Society has a section devoted to thyroid disorders.

The Thyroid Foundation of Canada A volunteer organization devoted to patients with thyroid disease. The Website contains considerable information about various thyroid disorders.

The American Thyroid Association: A professional society devoted to all aspects of thyroid disease, including basic and clinical research and patient care. The site contains an extensive compilation of information on thyroid disease, including relevant information for patients.

CancerNet: A service of the National Cancer Institute that provides detailed information about all types of cancer, including treatment options and ongoing clinical trials.

ClinicalTrials.Gov: A compendium of all clinical trials sponsored by the National Institutes of Health, with a search engine.

Thyroid Cancer Canada: Information about thyroid cancer from a Canadian perspective, with information and patient support resources

Thyroid Cancer Survivors' Association: Information and support for and by patients with thyroid cancer in consultation with specialists that treat thyroid cancer.Why do we do not have a chat room? Chat rooms may provide a valuable opportunity for patients with common shared diseases to exchange experiences and opinions. Nevertheless, chat rooms may also contain considerable misinformation that may be incorrect and may unduly alarm patients without the ability to discern common experiences from unusual outcomes. As we cannot verify the accuracy or authenticity of individual patient experiences, mythyroid.com has elected not to provide an associated chat room.

Thyroid Foundation of America: Patient-centered information for all types of thyroid diseases

AACE (American Association of Clinical Endocrinology): Site includes Clinical Practice Guidelines for several common types of thyroid disease

HealthyOntario.com: A health information Website providing a broad range of information about various medical disorders and treatments

Motherisk.org: A Website devoted to provision of evidence-based information about the safety or risk of drugs, chemicals and disease during pregnancy and lactation.

ENDOTEXT.ORG Comprehensive online source of endocrine information, with large section devoted to thyroid disorders, known as

ThyroidManager Comprehensive updated, FREE source on all aspects of thyroid disease and thyroid physiology.